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Jubin Nautiyal New Songs


Today we are going to have astounding look at one of the best Indian singers Jubin Nautiyal. We’ll get to know about his life, career, and journey from a normal guy to one of the most lovable singers of India. Not only this but today we’ll also talk about some of his fantastic and melody songs. So before wasting the time let’s have a look at it.

About Jubin Nautiyal

Jubin Nautiyal is one of the best singers in India. He is not only a singer but also he is an Indian singer, songwriter, playback singer, stage performer, music composer, and director. He has given his melodious songs in an abundance of songs. The way he sings a song, his voice attracts the people and that’s why he is known as the best singer in India.

Basically, Jubin Nautiyal was born and brought up in Dehradun. He was born on 14th June 1989 in the capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. He completed his school in Dehradun and also study about music as the main subject. Mrs. Vandana Shrivastava. He learned more about music from his teacher.

Jubin Nautiyal always had an interest in music. He gave a kick start to his career from a reality show X factor, in which he was one of the top 25 contestants. He proved to everyone that he is going to do something different in his life and now only his songs are enough to tell about him.
Jubin Nautiyal’s song always plays on a loop even his first song kept on playing on loop. Jubin Nautiyal take his first step towards songs by debuting his first song “EK MULAKAT” from one of the romantic movies “Sonali cable” in 2014. The song got hit, and loved by everyone and become the hit romantic song of that time.

The voice was new for people but still, it touched people’s hearts. His romantic and melodious voice helped him to get fame, which he deserved of course. After the success of his first song, he hadn’t looked back to his life and kept on going ahead and achieved a lot. Jubin also has given his melodious voice in more than 50 movies which include the different languages of India. and Jubin has won lots of awards in his career and also won people’s hearts with his song.  now Jubin has won many television awards includes the “Mirchi music award” in 2016 for barring Bhai Jaan and the “Indian television academy award” in 2017. he is passionate about his career and goal, he is hardworking and still down to earth after having all the fame and love. And this is how he is one of the greatest singers in India.

Jubin Nautiyal Song

As we already know that he is the greatest singer with a melodious voice, so now let’s talk about some of his masterpieces that we become witness to listen to them. Jubin always amazed us with his songs and voice. The way he sings, the way he composes, and the way he writes songs it’s just amazing, everyone.
If we talk about his performance in 2021, he gave him one of the best songs which were loved by everyone. There is a song that loves everyone “RATTAN LAMBIYAN” from the greatest movie SHERSHAH. He gave his melodious voice to the song and become one of the best and listened to songs on every platform in India. he showed the emotion and priceless feeling in the song.

He showed the love, emotions of soldier and partner. Jubin always gives his best in his songs. Jubin Nautiyal’s song always won people’s hearts. He never ever disappoints anyone with his voice. An abundance of people said that there is magic in his voice, whenever he sings his voice amazed the audience and his fan as well.

Let’s talk about his and everyone’s favorite song “TAARO KE SHEHAR ME” is sung by Jubin Nautiyal and featured Neha Kakkar. Both of them made this melody song with their melodious voice. This song is all about love and separation from each other the music video was as amazing as their voice. Just after releasing this song it went viral and showed its domain on all the social media platforms.

This song touched the soul and heart as the voice and music were peaceful. Jubin Nautiyal’s song always amazed the world, yes world. Jubin Nautiyal also has a fan following all around the world. most of his fans are also from different countries apart from India and that shows that why he is one of the greatest singers of all time.

You can play his song anytime and on any occasion. His voice is super energetic and melodious. There is always energy in his song that lets the people dance on the floor. Whenever he comes up with any song, people listened to it on the loop because it’s even deserved to play on a loop because of his voice.

His song can be played anytime and anywhere. He sings some party and energetic songs and sometimes he sings a melody and soothing song, and I guess that is the reason everyone loves him. Because it won everyone’s heart and soul just with his music. There was one more of his song “TUJHE KITNA CHAHNE LAGE HUM” from the movie KABIR SINGH.

We all know about the success of the movie and songs. Jubin Nautiyal lent his melodious voice in this movie too. This song tells the story of the true love that had between Kabir and Preeti from the movie Kabir Singh. He has the song “Tujhe Kitna chahne lage hum” which was a super hit and like his other song, this also had its domain on all over social media. Jubin Nautiyal’s song never disappoints us, whether it’s his single track or come with any collaboration. The way he sings he may melt anyone with his voice.

Jubin Nautiyal’s song always fills everyone’s wounds and hurtful hearts. If you feel sad or depressed just plug your earphones and play any of his songs, and his melody voice could melt you. there is one more song that was hit “HAMNAVA MERE” song sung by Jubin Nautiyal. It was his other single track and like the other songs, this song also attracts the audience and fans and won everyone’s heart.

This song shows love and soul, and there is no doubt that Jubin Nautiyal gave his heart and soul in this song and that’s why this song attracts people. The lyrics were so great that people can relate to each and every line and that was the reason for the success of his song. You can relate all the lyrics of any of his songs and that’s why he is the greatest Indian singer of all time.

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